Jay LaVigne

Lawyer and Software Developer. Creator and Owner of i-Legal.

Meet Jay

i-Legal was founded in 1998 (before iTunes in 2001) by attorney-programmer Jay Lavigne. Jay is a Colorado attorney with 6+ years as counsel in big document litigation and has extensive document scanning and management experience. His experience allows him to provide customer support from both sides; lawyer and programmer.

The i-Legal Story

i-Legal is a vertically integrated, technology-based litigation support system. We provide scanning, processing, software and training for our customers in one whole package. Whether you're an attorney at a private practice or large firm, our systems work for any lawyer.

The company was founded by lawyers, for lawyers. We know what our customers need based on our own experiences. We want you to be comfortable with our system to make our litigation process easier. We work closely with our customers to ensure our system fits their needs, not the needs of programmers, and provide guided support and education to ensure you understand our software to its fullest.

We want our customers to know if i-View is right for them. Inquiring customers can utilize our fully functional single case version of our systems so you can do best esports player a complete analysis before making any purchase commitment. We are confident you'll love it after your first case.