Purchase Philosophy

While it is possible to sell licenses to i-View directly online, the reality is that applications such as i-View require dedicated material support and training to make its features valuable to you and your firm. I-Legal is committed to giving its customers a tool that they can use. Because of that, before you purchase the product we will help you install a single case version and give you and your team targeted training so you can understand how the system can integrate with your current file management and how it will work most effectively to tackle the most important tasks tied to the case at hand. Following this, we will give you a more in-depth training, helping you understand the ins and outs of the system as a whole and how that could improve your processes and productivity. In essence, we come in and get you setup with the product to give you a chance to truly explore its capabilities. We know that once you try i-View and witness its functionality that you’ll never turn back to your old system. When it becomes time to buy, purchases are typically arranged through Pay-Pal invoicing but payment via check is also permissible.

Try i-View

Try i-View come in lots of different shapes and sizes. But here at i-Legal, we want to be sure you know exactly what you’re getting before you commit to the final purchase. Instead of offering part of the software to play around with for a few days, we allow our prospective clients to fully process an entire case in i-View for free. You get access to the whole thing with an opportunity to truly see how it works with your firm. For more information, see our i-View Trial page.

Master License

1 per firm/1 time perpetual license fee. Contact us for our competitive pricing. We offer a variety of discounts when the licenses are purchased in conjunction with services. i-Legal knows how important it is to manage overhead and we are willing to work with our clients to minimize our impact on the bottom line.

The Master License covers the cost installation and setup costs, training the primary user (or two) for the firm, consulting on how the system interfaces with your current PC set up for seamless integration, group online training for other staff, addressing system management approaches and otherwise answering all of the questions that implementing a new software package entails.

Included in the license price is 6 months of upgrade and phone/ remote support.

Supplemental Work Station Perpetual License: Also eligible for discounts and it is easy to add more as it becomes clear that i-View is a powerful tool for your practice.

TRAINING: i-Legal is committed to support and training to ensure that you and your firm receive full value from the i-View system. Public training sessions are regularly available at no charge for you or any staff.

Free Training upon license Purchase

i-Legal views training as an iterative process that focuses on your current processing needs so as to avoid overwhelming the user with unneeded information that is simply lost immediately after the class. Training is provided regularly through online classes, remote control sessions and email. Typical training sessions are around 1 hour and include some of the following topics (these sessions are open to as many staff members as who wish to attend):

  • System Setup, File Processing, and Basic Review
  • Advanced Coding, Coding Assist, i-Code & Voice Recognition
  • Reporting, Printing
  • Miscellaneous Functions, logical document division, renaming, bates labeling

After 6 months, support will be available via email and during open online training sessions at no additional charge for an additional 6 months following expiration of the license.

Continue phone support and product updates: $250 per year for the main license and $100 for the supplemental licenses.