What can i-View do for you?

While the days of boxes upon boxes of discovery documents are long gone, many firms have replaced those boxes with cluttered hard drives containing hundreds and even thousands of files with little to no organization. Beyond that, their coding tools are so inefficient many people actually print the "important" stuff so that they have it with them when it comes time to draft pleadings, take depositions or prepare for trial. i-View is the one tool that can transform all of that data into the information you need to succeed with your case.

  • Easy to implement i-View does its own file mapping so adding new documents is as easy as copying files, i-View does the rest (i-View automatically updates files each day and offers a manual update that can be run at any time).
  • Powerful yet easy Boolean searchRapidly find the key data in new documents using complex word searches.
  • Use your own file folder structure for basic case organizationi-View works with your current file storage structure so there is no need for extensive set up or staff training. Simply tell i-View where the files are and go to work.
  • Full Annotation level codingFully capture your mental impression by coding annotations/highlights so you can instantly retrieve not just key documents but key passages.
  • Simple Witness and Subject Coding & SearchingThe power of the system is the capacity to index documents by witness and subject matter so that you can easily retrieve the relevant documents. i-View makes it fast and easy to tag documents by these key identifiers.
  • Copy to laptop capabilitiesAllows multiple people to work efficiently off line and easily synch when you return to the office. Have your active cases immediately accessible anywhere and everywhere
  • Synch File/Dropbox/One Drive CompatibleMany offices have dispensed with in-house networks and rely on Synch file systems such as Dropbox, Box or One Drive to allow staff to access and share files. Sharing databases in this environment poses many issues but i-View has solved them allowing everyone accessing a case to fully review and code documents.
  • Multiple Coding Methods to meet every needReviewing documents is a multistep process and each step has different needs. i-View allows staff to rapidly do objective coding while providing advanced tools for counsel to subject code.
  • Full Offline coding capabilities for multiple users (no single user limits)i-View’s unique data point storage methodology allows for multiple staff to work off line and then successfully synchronize the data without any data loss or compromise. best betting site dota 2


  • Dictate coding and even documents using GoogleReliable voice recognition has always been the Holy Grail in the PC world. Google now offers very accurate voice recognition that has been incorporated into i-View. You can now dictate your coding as well as use the feature to dictate documents.
  • Predictive Coding Assisti-View offers advanced document diagraming, noting, and highlighting using witness last names, keywords and date. Items that are located can be coded with a click. System also allows text to be clipped images (after OCR) and pasted as summaries or other data.
  • One time perpetual license feeYour investment of time into cases using i-View is never at risk of being lost due to software that no longer operates.
  • Industry leading reporting & export toolsNo matter how tech-forward a lawyer might be, there are times when hard copy is needed. I-View offers reports with clipped annotations, all your notes, relevant documents with and without annotations, all the materials needed to make deposition and trial notebooks.
  • Works with all file types, even Exe’sLitigation often involves evidence that can’t be captured as a PDF such as MRI/x-Ray disks, spreadsheets, audio and video files, accounting files, etc. All of these can now be managed through i-View.
  • Can work in any office PC environmentOffice IT has evolved and fewer offices have IT departments or servers so having a system that works on a pier-to-pier shared hard drive system is key. i-View is exceptionally flexible and can run in all these environments.
  • Great Admin tools like naming, bates labeling and large document break upDigital document production often comes with a variety of problems including 1000 page documents and raw documents that need to be named and numbered. i-View offers efficient tools to solve these problems.
  • Native annotation logging including iAnnotate annotationsMany lawyers have their favorite PDF mark up tools and cataloging those notes so they can be incorporated into the case preparation can be a challenge. i-View automates that process by reviewing the files and adding all the native annotations into the i-View databases.

Why Choose i-View ?

i-View by i-Legal

$1250 $950*

one time master license

$0 Training Cost
*License fees can be reduced when bundled with services, even to $0.
  • Litigation Support software that allows review and indexing of documents
  • Earn Licensing Discounts & Credits with service purchases
  • PDF Ready:  is able to efficiently map, review and display files
  • Annotation Level Coding and Reporting
  • Dropbox/One Drive/Syncronizing File System Compatible
  • Free Training webinars open to all users

Eclipse by ipro



$750 Hour Training Cost
  • Litigation Support software that allows review and indexing of documents.
  • Earn Licensing Discounts & Credits with service purchases.
  • PDF Ready:  is able to efficiently map, review and display files
  • Annotation Level Coding and Reporting
  • Dropbox/One Drive/Syncronizing File System Compatible (extra fee required)
  • Free Training webinars open to all users

Trial Display Services and Equipment

Successful trial work is the ultimate demonstration of a lawyer's professional expertise. It is not just
facts and documents—the trial presentation itself and engaging the jury are essential as well. While
it is possible to use in-house resources to acquire equipment, set up the courtroom, and run the
presentation. We believe you have better things to do with your time and resources.

For more than 15 years i-Legal has provided complete trial presentation services to it clients. From
Exhibit Management to Courtroom tear down, i-Legal does it all, relieving you of any worry, lost sleep, or
last minute disasters. Retaining i-Legal for the trial allows you to:

  • Prepare all exhibits for printing and display.
  • Set up the courtroom the day/week before trial so there is no panic that first day.
  • Bring all the equipment (cables, carts, monitors, projectors, laser pointers, scanner, printer etc.) so that we are ready not only for the trial itself but all the contingencies that arise during trial, as well.
  • Be the first one to arrive each day and handle any issues and questions that come.
  • Operate the computer and efficiently present evidence as needed. No scripting,
    planning or other overhead. For counsel, imagine instead of asking the witness to find an exhibit like in a trial with paper, simply requesting an exhibit and it appears.

This complete package relieves you of all the headaches while allowing you to wow the jury with the efficiency
of your presentation.

Trial Preparation Services
Notwithstading the coming of the digital age, you still need to get your exhibits organized, labeled, distributed, printed etc. For large cases this final processing step can be a huge drain on your staff's time and ability to work on how the evidence will be used at trial. i-Legal has the espertise and the euipment to manage the exhibits from a small traffic accident to a large intellectual property suit. For your next trial,consider outsourcing the exhibit management and other clerical chores to i-Legal. Thereby,allowing your team to focus on preparing on effective trial presentation.
Smart Equipment Rental
Trying to rent equipment for a trial presentation can be an adventure as you set up and realize that you don't have everything you need to actually make it work well. Doing a trial requires more than just a computer and a projector. You need a cart so the projector can be placed in the best position, you may need cables to attach the computer to the projector, you should have proper gaffer tape (using duct tape can be hazardous as it may stain the carpet). Working with i-Legal will give you our expertise in what it takes to set up a courtroom so you can be confident that you have everything you need.
Maestro Presentation System
Notwithstanding the coming of the digital age,you still need to get your exhibits organized,labeled,distributed,printed etc. For large cases this final processing step can be a huge drain on your staff's time and ability to work on how the evidence will be used at trial. i-Legal has the expertise and the equipments to manage the exhibits from a small traffic accident to a large intellectual property suit. For your next trial,consider outsourcing the exhibit management and other clerical chores to i-Legal. Thereby,allowing your team to focus on preparing an effective trial presentation.

i-Legal Discovery & eDiscovery Services


consultation to see if our 20 years of experience can help you


For 25+ years, the people at i-Legal have been solving complex discovery problems
using our unique combination of legal knowledge and technical
expertise. We bring our valuable experience to every assignment.
While we may not have seen your exact problem, we have
probably seen a similar issue somewhere else. Our array
of custom software tools are ready to go for whatever you may need.
Let us prepare your documents for review and production and avoid the hours and hours of manual staff handling that most eDiscovery projects (even the small ones) require.

Fast Facts

1. You do not need to use i-View to make use of i-Legal’s Services.  Much of what we do involves extracting and organizing email and files so they are ready to be reviewed manually or produced. No license necessary.

2. Distance is not a problem.  i-Legal uses the latest in remote control tools to be able to “be on site” to review the issues and find a solution. If you have an internet connection, we can help.

3. Free consultations.  Let us bring our 25+ years of document handling experience to bear on your issue. You will be amazed at our problem-solving strategies and approach to your unique issues. Even if we don’t get the project, we are happy to share our expertise.

Our Services:

Receiving data electronically is infinitely better than slogging through boxes upon boxes of documents, but e-discovery is not without its own issues. Files from your client are often in native format and have to be converted. Files from other parties can be jumbled, merged or otherwise just a mess. i-Legal takes pride in its ability to transform all of this unusable data into information ready for review.

If you have any kind of PC project, don’t hesitate to contact i-Legal. We are ready to help. Below is a partial list of the types of processing we have done just recently:

  • 1. Email:
    • a.convert PST, GMAIL, EML, MSG, MBOX and other formats to PDF or TIF, generate in a selected sequence (generally date), maintain logical sequence (email, attachment, email attachment)
    • b. eDiscovery searches for words, names, address and more to limit the review
  • 2. Name and convert native files to PDF or TIF (convert TIF to PDF by document)
  • 3. Manage and Extract Email portfolios
  • 4. High Volume OCR
  • 5. File Conversion for use in other Litigation Support Systems
  • 6. Custom PDFs and Index Files
  • 7. Load File Management
  • 8. File Review Management and Support
  • 9. Custom Processing

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