i-Legal Discovery & eDiscovery Services


consultation to see if our 20 years of experience can help you


For 25+ years, the people at i-Legal have been solving complex discovery problems
using our unique combination of legal knowledge and technical
expertise. We bring our valuable experience to every assignment.
While we may not have seen your exact problem, we have
probably seen a similar issue somewhere else. Our array
of custom software tools are ready to go for whatever you may need.
Let us prepare your documents for review and production and avoid the hours and hours of manual staff handling that most eDiscovery projects (even the small ones) require.

Fast Facts

1. You do not need to use i-View to make use of i-Legal’s Services.  Much of what we do involves extracting and organizing email and files so they are ready to be reviewed manually or produced. No license necessary.

2. Distance is not a problem.  i-Legal uses the latest in remote control tools to be able to “be on site” to review the issues and find a solution. If you have an internet connection, we can help.

3. Free consultations.  Let us bring our 25+ years of document handling experience to bear on your issue. You will be amazed at our problem-solving strategies and approach to your unique issues. Even if we don’t get the project, we are happy to share our expertise.

Our Services:

Receiving data electronically is infinitely better than slogging through boxes upon boxes of documents, but e-discovery is not without its own issues. Files from your client are often in native format and have to be converted. Files from other parties can be jumbled, merged or otherwise just a mess. i-Legal takes pride in its ability to transform all of this unusable data into information ready for review.

If you have any kind of PC project, don’t hesitate to contact i-Legal. We are ready to help. Below is a partial list of the types of processing we have done just recently:

  • 1. Email:
    • a.convert PST, GMAIL, EML, MSG, MBOX and other formats to PDF or TIF, generate in a selected sequence (generally date), maintain logical sequence (email, attachment, email attachment)
    • b. eDiscovery searches for words, names, address and more to limit the review
  • 2. Name and convert native files to PDF or TIF (convert TIF to PDF by document)
  • 3. Manage and Extract Email portfolios
  • 4. High Volume OCR
  • 5. File Conversion for use in other Litigation Support Systems
  • 6. Custom PDFs and Index Files
  • 7. Load File Management
  • 8. File Review Management and Support
  • 9. Custom Processing