Free Redaction Tool in the i-View Demo Version

In a previous post, we discussed the hazards of not paying enough attention to redactions.  In this blog we offer i-View’s redaction tools as an example of one method for creating, reviewing and finalizing redactions that reduce the chances for errors.

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Simple Technique for Working in a shared Trial Display Environment

Court provided tech or sharing monitors or a projector with opposing counsel can create wonderful efficiencies and allow for the logistically easy presentation of evidence.  These systems, however, can create a couple of small hiccups in many laptops as you are switching back and forth between display sources.

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Court Provided Tech: Part 2

A couple of follow up notes on working in courtrooms that provide some display equipment: The presence of equipment does not eliminate the need for some of your own gear.  Below I address a few issues that commonly come up in tech enabled courtrooms:


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