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Court Provided Tech: Part 2

A couple of follow up notes on working in courtrooms that provide some display equipment: The presence of equipment does not eliminate the need for some of your own gear.  Below I address a few issues that commonly come up in tech enabled courtrooms:


How to hide your display from the Jury while finding what you need:   READ MORE “Court Provided Tech: Part 2”

Court Provided Tech: It can be plug and play with some prep (part 1)

As HD TVs/Monitors dropped in price, more and more courts are adding them to courtrooms so as to simplify and encourage the use of trial display technology.  This is a wonderful step forward that allows you to avoid the huge set up effort and expense but counsel and staff need to be cautious before assuming that you have a plug & play solution or that your PC is plug and play ready.

READ MORE “Court Provided Tech: It can be plug and play with some prep (part 1)”

i-View: How annotations can work:

Twenty five years ago I was a mid-level attorney working on a huge international intellectual property case involving 100,000s of pages.  It was the early days of computers so document review involved lots of stickies and highlighters.   The lead lawyer had a very good memory for documents and was right 90% of the time on his requests that we retrieve something specific.  The problem was that the 10% of the time he was wrong caused us 95% of our brain damage.  It is really hard to find something that doesn’t exist. READ MORE “i-View: How annotations can work:”